Hey there!

On this page you will find some references of my work.
Publishers or board game designers or kickstarter projects who are cooperating with me.

I am working together with most german board game publishers, e.g:
Pegasus Spieleverlag
Asmodee / Heidelberger
Huch / Hutter & Friends
GMT Games

Also I did a lot of videos for kickstarter project.
Sometimes the publishers / designers send me pre-copys of their games for a german KS preview video or the send me the game after it was released to get a german let’s play / review video for their games.
Sometimes they just send me a pledge-manager invitation after the KS as over, so I could get the game together with the others to make a review.
Those were some of the KS Games I did reviews for:

Codex: Card-Time Strategy (Sirlin Games)
Burning Suns (SunTzu Games)
Too Many Bones https://youtu.be/KtFsSmyrKkE